Individual software developed for you or with you

aeris develops software applications that exactly match the individual requirements of your business. This may involve, for instance, administration of documents. It could be a web portal for your end customers, a Big Data Solution or the design of a complex core system. We provide you with individualised software, which fits like a glove and which gives you the crucial competitive advantage.


We will find a sustainable solution for you. This is supported via our extensive experience with open-source technologies as well as business software. We made our name especially within the finance-, automotive and insurance sectors as well as in the development within e-commerce and e-marketing. We use the latest technologies and most suitable options for your project. Our pragmatic, agile way of working guarantees short feedback cycles and fast results.

Team expansion or outsourcing

You have a choice: You can take aeris on board for the duration of your project. We integrate our experience and know how into your business. You will benefit from our support of the development and from our direct transfer of knowledge. Or you can transfer responsibility of the project to us and we deliver the finished solution. In any case you will be able to operate and further develop the application independently.


Software that fits

Firstly we identify your specific requirements in a joint meeting. As soon as we take on a task, we get to the root of it, and understand the structure of your business as well as the embedded processes. On this basis we develop a tailor-made and sustainable IT solution.

Well-thought out architecture

Values, principles and practices of agile software development define our way of working. Our aim is a well thought-out architecture. It is the foundation for maintainability, performance, security, efficiency and scalability of a software system.

aeris also acts as your competent partner, should you need an on-premise or cloud-hosting application. We recommend the best solution and can adapt the architecture to meet your requirements.

Customised, modern applications

Our software engineers possess a wide range of development tools and products from project, configuration and quality management. Methodological know-how allows them to adapt various aspects such as test-driven development and continuous integration into the desired context of application.

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From analysis to implementation

Requirement-engineering is the first step on the path to a customised application. It transforms the specialist and technical requirements in specification for the software application. These specifications describe how the system will technically convert the required uses. The more exact these designs are, the better are the conditions for a successful implementation of the system.

aeris supports you when defining efficient and clear specifications with agile methods. The result is a solution that meets your requirements exactly.

Software development of the highest standards

The market has its own laws – with our services and our applied technologies it is possible to react as flexibly as possible to this. We value high quality in development and use different tools to continuously evaluate the software and to test its efficiency.


Our extensive offers of software development

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The strength of an aeris software solution is its relevance

A great number of successfully developed solutions demonstrate aeris’ strengths:

A simple, appropriate solution:

aeris structures the software solution; fine-tunes this precisely and makes it efficient, secure and reliable. This approach allows the problem-free adaptation and cost-efficient service of the application.

Reliability and efficiency:

aeris uses solutions based on the latest cutting edge technology. And even these are – in addition to all aeris developed software programs – continuously updated and validated.

Creative and efficient problem solver:

aeris is responsible for the design, construction and consolidation of complex systems as well as for highly available applications that can master a large amount of traffic and transactions. aeris uses object-oriented development standards that make the construction of modular solutions possible that are expandable in a simple and cost-efficient way.

Agile software engineering:

You profit from fast feedback, realistic progress reports as well as the rapid identification of issues

Professionalism with quality:

aeris offers a clean, customised software solution, avoids workarounds and superfluous functions. We act flexibly and focus on the actual requirement of the business and its employees.

Developed for the user:

aeris always seeks the best solution for the project. And the best solution is measured by its use and simple handling for the user.

Most current architecture standards:

For the conception of your software aeris uses the most current architecture standards. This guarantees interoperability, which facilitates simple, economical and sustainable operation.

Case Studies

A selection of our successful software solutions

aeris products that allow our clients to run business processes in an efficient and successful way:

Refactoring: from error-prone to efficient and reliable software


Shortly before the initial operation of Java software for the contract management of a financial service provider, it transpired that the code contained programming errors and its performance did not meet the required criteria. aeris was put in charge of the comprehensive analysis of the source code and performance measurement, in addition to testing the actions of the software in trial operations.


aeris used JMeter and Selenium to come up with an end-to-end test plan to avoid potential regressions during the refactoring and to quantify problems with the performance. Furthermore aeris lowered the round trips between user interface and services and shortened the length of the methods to better identify and correct bottlenecks.

aeris refactored the source code of the classes via extraction of the statements according to the principle of segregation of responsibilities. This enabled the removal of duplicated source code and resulted in an abstract code that simplified refactoring and reduced coupling. In addition we devised automated unit tests with Maven and Jenkins.

Ultimately, execution times were reduced by 60% on average and the number of code lines was reduced by 30%. Furthermore the coverage of unit- and end-to-end tests rose from 0 to 65%. These improvements guarantee high reliability and a remarkable acceleration of correction of programming errors.


4 months

Agile e-commerce solution


A global corporation needed an e-commerce platform set up that offers widely varying automotive and insurance services. In some cases the services required connections with software systems in corporate or partner businesses such as insurance services. An additional requirement was for the in-house marketing team to be able to put services online within a week. The installation of the platform from scratch with its linked businesses should not take longer than two months overall.


aeris programmed flexible and modular extendable Java back-end software that allows new functions to be developed in an uncomplicated manner to be delivered as plug-ins. Through coupling to Continuous Delivery via Jenkins the installation is possible within a week. The corporation’s marketing team is now able to independently set up products on the e-commerce platform within a few hours. To regulate the contract management in an optimum way, aeris linked the new platform with all back office systems.


2 years