Consideration of all aspects

Businesses and their IT teams always have to weigh up specialist and technical conditions, and take into consideration the pressures of a deadline and competition and the associated economical aspects. aeris knows how procedure models have to function in such a tense area: customised and process-optimised! And this allows the time- and cost effective implementation of new software projects.

Risk management

The development of a software application occurs in several stages, which can involve some risks:

Unsuitable methods and processes lead to non-calculated risks such as products of little value or customer dissatisfaction
Reduced software quality increases the additional costs in the development phases and in its maintenance. Sometimes it can even lead to a blockade of the core business.
Inadequate software solutions can waste resources

If clear and monitored software development processes are missing, the risks increase significantly:

Time pressure by users and competitors – functionalities should always be developed as quickly as possible
Technical and legal restrictions
Frequent changing business strategies that are not taken into account in the global software development processes

aeris supports the optimisation of the development process to largely eliminate risk and to expedite the efficient realisation of software solutions in your business.

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Our approach

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Strong for your success

aeris focuses on the essential aspects:

The creation of surplus value via cost optimisation. We know the most current tools, technologies and methods. Thanks to extensive experience and expertise we are able to identify opportunities early, as well as risks and problems.

Perfect knowledge of development processes and tools:

And the associated problems, risks and possibilities

Experience of development in a wide range of contexts, branches and business structures:

Know-how of joint working – from very small IT-teams to teams with over 100 software developers

Knowledge and capacity:

aeris is able to structure a global vision into its smallest process detail – from development process to deployment into production

Case Studies

Our results

aeris optimises specific processes via the skilful interplay of technology and professionalism.

Software quality and continuous integration


A web agency was dissatisfied with the quality and reliability of the software development for their own client projects. It led to delays in supply, profitability shrank – working procedures had to change. aeris was put in charge to optimise the development process, to develop a standardised method that allowed profitable working.


In order to re-organise new client projects as well as maintenance aeris suggested an agile software development. To measure the quality of the source code on a continuous basis, aeris implemented the tools Jenkins and SonarQube. Finally, aeris recommended a strategy to introduce automated tests, which were used for past projects and future ones.


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