DevOps is a combination of software development, IT-operations and quality assurance. The approach relating to process improvement is set up in a way that extensively monitors an application or IT service not just during operation but during development. DevOps enriches agile development and business procedures with continuous releases and restricted delivery channels. This solution improves communication and cooperation of all project partners and contributes to enhanced software quality and development speed.

High release frequency

A high release frequency is considered the best competitive advantage. Through web applications and cloud-based software it is possible to publish more releases per day in a simple and easily controlled way. However, this presents big challenges for the operation team. As IT operations should guarantee high availability and security, it is typically not based on short release cycles. With continuous delivery and DevOps this disproportion can be re-balanced.

aeris supports you in implementing DevOps. What are the advantages for your business?
IT systems can be adapted quicker to changes within the business – at the same time improving quality of use
Short time to market through the adoption of continuous improvements and incremental release principles (taken from agile approaches)
You receive reliable tools to measure the performance of your applications and to recognise bottle necks in production. Furthermore, DevOps enables the compilation of continuous real-time feedback for processing quality and state.
Improvement of time to production, IT-cost savings, increase of deployment quality and operational efficiency – all this enables you to develop innovations faster.

Definition of a cloud-strategy

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Cloud-based solutions and their high measure of flexibility and elasticity support the simple implementation of DevOps. A requirement is the definition of a cloud strategy, which functions in connection with the existing infrastructures or replaces these. aeris uses its technical know-how as well as its practical experiences to facilitate this step for your business. With the support of aeris’ DevOps team you can take advantage of the Cloud and maintain at the same time the security and reliability of your existing IT-infrastructures.

Why aeris?

The aeris DevOps experts close the gap between development and operations in your business, whilst your own DevOps team maintains the general view over your application and IT-service. Our aim is to design, in close cooperation, an (ideally perfect) adapted solution for the transfer of the application and their integration in a deployment pipeline.

The development of a DevOps culture increases agility of your solution and creates important room for innovation. Through measurements with meaningful metrics at infrastructure and application level we support the process further. What isn’t measured can’t be improved. Therefore it is very important for us to define meaningful points of measurement with our clients.

We know that in order to successfully implement DevOps effective communication is essential. We thus strive to improve understanding for the diverse requirements and working practices in development and operation. Mutual understanding is crucial when establishing project-specific, adapted tool-chains and processes that match the requirements on both sides.