The internet is used constantly. You search with your smartphone, seek information via tablets and check news on social media on PCs. Whether at home, at work or out and about – digital platforms are the invisible engine for people and therefore for the economy. Our solutions will allow everything to run smoothly and be as simple, practical and individualised as possible. Customers and their modified media use and buying behaviour are the driving force of digital change.

Marketing with a future

This development in customer behaviour leads to changes in marketing. Online marketing has never been more in demand, because self-evidently customers are best reached wherever they are. However, in this field we have for a long time not only referred to online advertising but highlighted the value of new marketing methods such as inbound-marketing and conversion optimisation.

Strong customer relations:

Through the development of a sound online relationship businesses sharpen their profile, which not only strengthens the image but also improves the customer relationship to the business and product.

The biggest marketing challenges in the current digital development process:

Poorly standardised communication mechanisms are replaced by continuously changing channels, units and customer contexts.
The digital mobility of customers
Increasing customer expectations in whole user experience – always available, optimised and individualised for all channels.
The close virtual neighbourhood in competition (and this includes not only those that are expected…)
The exemplary worldwide networking of almost every user via social media in highly specialised and greatly influential communities.
Online the customer is “stronger”. The seller’s solutions need to meet customer expectations.
A few new marketing tactics are not sufficient to deal with these challenges appropriately. In order to meet these challenges in the digital age, a change in thinking relating to marketing is required. Digital marketing needs to be seen as the basis and the journey to digital business needs to be completed soon after. Only the implementation of newest technologies follows this path.

The ideal e-marketing solution from aeris

aeris offers the ideal e-marketing solution for B2B and B2C business models. A single platform combines all activities of digital marketing. You really get to know your customers, can set up personalised and customised customer experiences taking into account the context and previous interactions to increase your sales in the long-term.

In many businesses the coordination of overlapping channels of digital marketing campaigns is only possible by switching between e-marketing and analytics systems (e.g. content management or tracking). With aeris’ holistic solution, one-to-one marketing is channel-overlapping and user friendly.

A platform combines all activities

Context-dependent user experience becomes ever more important considering the increasing changes in customer behaviour. For many businesses, however, the standardisation and analysis of internal and external client data presents an even bigger challenge. aeris solves this problem: various external and internal information sources – as well as isolated data silos – are interconnected, set up as a unified platform and analysed.

Online fingerprints - such as click-through rates, shared content across social media channels, on-site behaviour, CRM data etc. – provide you with a holistic view of your customers. You know where they come from, which experiences they have had so far and where they are in terms of purchasing decisions. This insight enables you to react in a targeted, channel-independent way and in real time. And when the customer is particularly engaged, you can serve the right content for them.

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Targeted cross-selling and upselling

With the aeris solution you can provide targeted cross-selling and upselling. You learn which purchase tunnels and upsell-cycles promise the most success and can offer your products and services in a more targeted manner without waste of resources, by taking into account current and previous customer interactions. For instance, if the customer has bought flight tickets, you offer further content for suitable products such as rental cars or hotels at the destination.

Today many processes are automated. To achieve good conversion rates it is nevertheless essential to test the whole customer experience and to subsequently personalise this. Our A/B- and multivariate opportunities for testing are built flexibly and their implementation is simple. Marketing- and business users can – even without specific IT knowledge – test page components, segments and delivery options or the whole experience across all channels and at all customer contact points (even external ones). This allows you to quickly offer more relevant and effective content, match the customer requirements and increase your conversion rates long-term.

Why aeris?

aeris is your e-business expert. We offer experience, know-how and the necessary motivation. With aeris your business hits the ground running in e-commerce and e-marketing. We interlink your customer and product information in a way that lets you personalise how you address customers via marketing and sales channels.

We design a customised solution for you. You can rely on our products. This frees up your resources that can be utilised to further strengthen customer liaison and loyalty. A large automobile manufacturer works in the service business with our individually programmed platform. Its success proves aeris right in practice.