Concise changes govern the finance, automobile and insurance sector. They require the high flexibility of an IT system. However, often these systems have been customised to the company for 15 years or longer. These systems got very complex without having been developed further technologically. Such outdated systems can hardly match the latest demands of the modern market. This includes renewals such as:

Increasing market share and responding to changes in customer behaviour. Decrease in customer loyalty and the resulting increased readiness to change needs to be approached in a solution-focused way.
Regulated changes in law need to be translated and implemented, often at short notice.
Demographic developments such as age distribution need to be collected and reviewed regularly.
Diversification of distribution systems and contact points.
Increasing demands on service quality.
Ever shorter innovation cycles and time to market.
Increased distribution of mobile devices and the Internet of Things. With intelligent analytics solutions you can use these evolutions for completely new business models.

When using data and function-poor, inflexible core systems, the introduction of innovative technologies can be difficult and expensive. In addition, this rarely leads to the 100% expected result.

Risk minimisation

Many core applications are still drawn up in the programming languages FORTRAN or COBOL, object-oriented applications are only rarely used. New technologies present a solid, modern basis for your business. At the same time the risk of serious gaps is minimised, should the know-how carrier of the technological outdated applications and unsuitable programming languages outgrow the business.

Optimum interaction of various areas

Diversely developed (core) systems grow over many years and don’t necessarily reflect the interactions of single departments with sales satisfactorily. aeris combines front, middle and back office. Using modern software architecture and technologies, we design a continuous digital process design. This enables the set up for analyses of reports, the automation of evaluations and to use these as a reliable basis for a progressive and strategic orientation of a business.

Secured future

Outdated systems also often reach their capacity limits as soon as new, market-orientated and individual products need to be configured, tariffs calculated and offers set up. New software architecture and adequate development environments allow a cost-efficient set up of modern solutions with high user friendliness and flexibility. A newly conceived core system facilitates the process integration for the whole distribution thereby interlinking partner businesses, field representatives and brokers. As a consequence you can react quickly and flexibly to current market conditions and create customised, context-dependent customer experiences.

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Why aeris?

Our modern and innovative IT-solutions create more efficient workflows and reduce your expenses. Your business is better connected to your customers and can position itself for a long-term success within the market

Profit from aeris solutions:

Use of modern technologies and multi-platform support
Product and process driven approach
Support of various distribution channels (multi-channel support)
Flexibly designed products and business processes
Shortened time until product introduction (time-to-market)
Taking into account more favourable maintenance costs, more efficient use of employees etc. ROI calculations show a positive result even mid-term.