‘Big Data’ defines unstructured, increasingly faster growing amounts of diverse data (e.g. tracking data from websites) that are considered too big or too complex to have applications in use. Some fall quickly outdated and become redundant before they could be evaluated using the current methods of data analysis. Yet, analysed correctly, these ‘data mountains’ provide valuable information about individual customer transactions or can be used for strategic business decisions.

Vast potential:

Thanks to improved hardware and new technologies like Hadoop and NewDB even large amounts of data can be evaluated - there is vast potential:

In order to grow in saturated markets it becomes ever more important to follow the Long Tail Theory and to address smaller and more differentiated customer groups individually. Classic distribution structures can’t reach this scale anymore. The business needs digitalisation.
Structured data (e.g. CRM data) can be enriched with unstructured data (clicks, evaluations, Tweets, ‘likes’ etc.) and the ‘new’ data mix can be further evaluated. The significant results allow you then to provide the desired user experience.
High data volumes and data speeds as well as insufficient to poorly defined data schemes create fairly complex access, feeds, processing and implementation of Big Data workloads and data types. Conventional approaches, which are based on manual processes, are not suitable for this.
In a data-driven business world establishing current trends is a permanent aim. Big Data moves the customer in the centre and their wishes and needs can therefore be taking into account when developing and improving products.

Competitive advantage

Businesses that set up Big Data achieve significant competitive advantages. Big Data enables much more precise analyses and prognoses – from almost real-time information of customers’ buying behaviour to sound predictions for development.

Big Data solutions from aeris

aeris software engineers are familiar with Big Data technologies and offer extensive solutions that facilitate data collection, editing, analysis and visualisation. Any amount of structured and unstructured data of different sources and systems can thereby be worked with.

aeris supports the successful transfer of tried and tested knowledge in statistical models. Even employees that don’t have specific IT knowledge can grasp results intuitively and integrate this into finding solutions. These findings help optimise business processes, identify new business areas and increase customer satisfaction. In addition Big Data offers a contemporary basis to be able to react quickly to critical events supported by data.

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Why aeris?

With solutions from aeris you can pull unforeseen added value from Big Data. Progressive analytical techniques such as machine learning, data mining and predictive analytics provide important insights into the business value of your data. So that your business can take advantage of Big Data solutions, we support you in the selection of suitable technologies and a cloud platform. Relevant and trustworthy data are crucial for success. With this in tow, you’ll make the right business decisions, boost the growth of your business and reduce costs.