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aeris was founded in 2012 by software-engineer graduate and ScrumMaster Eric Jessé. Since then the business has been successfully established around the world.

Excellent team work

The aeris team consists of experienced consultants, project leads, software developers and architects. Bespoke working groups are set up to fit the project. Every aeris employee possesses a particularly high achievement potential. The architects and developers apply their know-how in object-oriented programming technologies such as Java, Drupal and in other web technologies. They design a well-thought out software architecture, which acts as the basis for performance, security and efficiency. They develop software applications that are an exact match of the requirements of the business. Our specialists have innovative instruments at their disposal that facilitate the digital transformation of a business and its potential for innovation as well as enabling the business model to adapt to new conditions.

Experienced nationally as well as internationally

Our teams are experienced in managing global projects. They know about the challenges and complex structures of businesses and can scale their solutions to match the challenge.

Eric Jessé

Know-how. Prudence. Responsibility.

Eric Jessé has many years as successful international project lead behind his belt. Following his Masters Degree at the renowned École Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Industrielles et des Mines d’Alès, which he passed with distinction, he worked, amongst other roles, as software developer and team leader at Sylis France, and later as senior software developer at Agendia Solutions and SAP France.

In addition to managing the teams and actively contributing to the comprehensive consulting of customers, he was mainly responsible for software architecture and software development as well as quality engineering and IT-project management.

He has been acting as guest lecturer at the faculty École des Mines d’Alès in Nîmes since 2006. Furthermore, Eric Jessé supervises courses for software-project management with Scrum as well as Best Practices Software-Engineering, Continuous Integration and Software Design Patterns. Since 2012 Eric Jessé offers his cumulative know-how to aeris customers.